Figure 4.1. Batch Distillation as a Series of Continuous Distillation

B0/àt = Bl/&t + Ha /At (II.3) Let, F = B0 / Ai; B = B\ / Ai ; Therefore,

The equivalent continuous distillation operation for a short interval of At can now be shown in Figure 4.1.(c).

The component balance:


Bnew B

Note that x' from the current distillation step becomes x'F for the next

"new distillation step. At time, t = 0, x'p =x'B(j. The distillate compositions xlD are estimated using FUG method. Also note that Diwekar (1992, 1995) and Sundaram and Evans (1993a) developed alternative expressions for x' . Diwekar (1992,


1995) describes the method for calculating the top composition (xlD) using modified FUG method. Fenske Equation:

Hengestebeck-Geddes ' Equation:

Summation of fractions and xXD estimation:

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