Fault Diagnosis

8.1 Contribution Plots

8.2 Statistical Techniques for Fault Diagnosis

8.2.1 Statistical Discrimination and Classification

8.2.2 FDD with Fisher's Discriminant Analysis

8.2.3 FDD with Neural Networks

8.2.4 Statistical Techniques for Sensor Fault Detection

8.3 Model-based Fault Diagnosis Techniques

8.3.1 Residuals-Based FDD Methods

8.3.2 FDD Based on Model Parameter Estimation

8.3.3 FDD with Hidden Markov Models

8.4 Model-free Fault Diagnosis Techniques

8.4.1 Real-time Knowledge-Based Systems (RTKBS)

8.4.2 Real-time Supervisory KBS for Process Monitoring and FDD

9 Related Developments

9.1 Role of Metabolic Engineering in Process Improvement

9.2 Contributions of MFA and MCA to Modeling

9.3 Dynamic Optimization of Batch Process Operations

9.4 Integrated Supervisory KBS for On-line Process Supervision

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