The first group of information to extract is the effect of each variable on yield. For example, with everything else besides the experimental error remaining the same, what is the effect of temperature on the product (peni cillin) yield? Consider for example runs 1 and 3 in Table 3.2: The variation in the yield is due to a variation in T and experimental error. In fact, there are four pairs of runs in Tables 3.1 and 3.2 where R and S have identical values in each pair and T is at two different levels. The variations in yield with variation in temperature for the four pairs and the corresponding R and S settings are listed in Table 3.3.

Table 3.3. The effect of temperature on penicillin yield

Individual Measure of the effect

Level of other factors

of changing T from 17°C to 35°C


S (Type)

t/3 - 2/1 ==59.45 - 69.24 = -9.79

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