a : The macromolecular composition is given in g per g DW for balanced growth at a specific growth rate of about 0.1 h_1.

b : The calculation of ATP and NADPH requirements (in mmole per DW) are shown in [424], c : Data for growth on a defined medium of glucose and inorganic salts.

d : Data for growth on a complex medium containing glucose, inorganic salts and amino acids.

e : The metabolic costs for biosynthesis of building blocks present in the soluble pool are included in the cost for the macromolecules.

f : In estimation of the ATP requirement for transport it is assumed that glucose is transported by facilitated diffusion.

9 : For the phosphate requirements it is assumed that 3 moles of phosphate are needed for synthesis of each nucleotide.

Table 3.10. Theoretical conversion yield of penicillin G. Adapted from [112].


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Case 2

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