feed rate (R), bioreactor temperature (T) and two different strains (S) of the inoculum on the total amount of product (yield Y) in a fed-batch run. The high (+) and low (—) settings for feed rate R (Ljh) and temperature T °C are 0.08, 0.02 and 35, 17, respectively. Two strains A (-) and B (+) are used. It is assumed that approximately 5% higher production is reached when strain A is used (first four runs in Table 3.2). The fictitious experiments and penicillin production information are listed in a tabular form (Table 3.2).

Table 3.2. Data from a 23 full factorial design for investigating the effects of substrate feed rate (R L/h), bioreactor temperature (T °C) and inoculum strains (S) on the total amount of product (Y grams) in a fed-batch run.


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