Model algorithmic control

MARS Multivariate adaptive regression splines

MIMO Multiple-input, multiple-output control/system

MPC Model predictive control

NMPC Nonlinear model predictive control

MBO Model-based optimization

MBPCA Multiblock principal components analysis

MBPLS Multiblock partial least squares

MCA Metabolic control analysis

MFA Metabolic flux analysis

MHBE Moving horizon Bayesian estimator

MIMO Multi-input multi-output

MLE Maximum likelihood estimate

MLR Multiple linear regression

MOBECS Model-Object Based Expert Control System

MPCA Multiway principal component analysis

MPLS Multiway partial least squares mRNA Messenger ribonucleic acid

MS Mass spectrometer

MSE Least squares mean squared error

MSMPCA Multiscale Multiway principal component analysis

MSPM Multivariate statistical process monitoring

MV Multivariate

NAR Nonlinear auto regressive

NARMAX Nonlinear autoregressive moving average with exogenous inputs NLTS Nonlinear time series NO Normal operation NOC Normal operating conditions

NPETM Nonlinear polynomial models with exponential and trigonometric functions

OD Optical density

OE Output error

OVAT One-variable-at-a-time

PARAFAC Parallel factor analysis

PC Principal component

PCA Principal components analysis

PCD Parameter change detection (method)

PCR Principal components regression

PDA Principal differential analysis

PDF Probability distribution function

PLS Partial least squares (Projection to latent structures)

PRESS Prediction sum of squares

PSSE Penalized sum of squared error

PSSH Pseudo-steady state synthesis

QQ Quantile-Quantile

RGA Relative gain array

RQ Respiratory quotient

RTKBS Real-time knowledge-based systems

RVWLS Recursive variable weighted least squares

RWLS Recursive weighted least-squares

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