Rate Expressions for Metabolite Production

The dependence of specific formation rate of metabolite Pj (£j) on concentrations of various nutrients, cell mass and target metabolites is usually expressed in two different ways. The first approach involves expressing the dependence in an uncoupled, multiplicative form as per the relation with cj0 being constant characteristic of the metabolite Pj. The popular forms of Xji(Ni) and ipjk(Pk) are based on the experimental observations for a particular strain and the metabolite Pj. Synthesis of a metabolite Pj may be

Table 2.2. Dependence of the specific formation rate Pj,£j on concentrations of nutrients, products and cell mass [35, 447, 451]




K'. + Ni + Nf/K'^

[8, 9, 35, 453, 575] [190, 600]


[47, 190, 239, 326, 395, 544, 600]


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