Sweeteners may be added to yogurt as part of the mix before fermentation and/or through fruit preserved with sweeteners. Sucrose (sugar) is widely used in yogurt production. It provides a clean sweet taste that has no other taste or other odors. It complements flavors and contributes to desirable flavor blends (17). It can be used as a dry, granulated, free-flowing, crystalline form or as liquid syrup (67% sucrose). Inclusion of more than 5% sucrose in yogurt mix of 16-20% total solids may cause culture inhibition and lack of flavor development (5,16). Several corn syrup preparations and other sweeteners are also available (5,17). Nonnutritive sweeteners such as Aspartame and Nutrasweet® are used in light products. These sweeteners have a lingering aftertaste (5) and have not fared well in consumer acceptance (12). Several newer sweeteners, Actilight®, Acesulfame-n, Natren, Neohesperidine, and Thaumatin, are available. These could be used alone or in combination. The choice of sweetener(s) is determined by availability, cost, and its legal status for use in yogurt (5).

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