Sanitary Management of the Environment

Within the plant territory, maintain the ground free from accumulated water and dust.

Avoid the piling of unneeded equipment and materials, and the multiplication of harmful animals.

The plant structure itself and the equipment should be maintained clean and sanitary, avoiding contamination of the food.

The trenches (wastewater discharge system) should be kept fluent without the accumulation of soil.

The exhaust gas from the amino acid digestion should be treated to remove the acid. Solid waste such as the residual cakes and liquid waste should also be properly treated. The waste should be classified, with the easily spoiled waste picked up and discarded every day. In the waste placement site, generation of offensive odor or harmful gases, and the multiplication of harmful animals and insects should be avoided. The waste must not contaminate the food and the floor, or get in contact with the food contact surface and the water source.

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