The term sauerkraut literally means sour (sauer) cabbage (kraut). It is a traditional German fermented vegetable product that has spread to other cultures and is used in food preparations. The sequential growth of lactic acid bacteria in sauerkraut has long been recognized. Each lactic acid bacterium dominates the fermentation until its end product becomes inhibitory for its own development and creates another environment suitable for

Table 49 Production Scheme for Tempeh Whole, clean soybeans

Rehydration in hot water at 93 °C for 10 min Dehulling

Soaking with or without lactic acid overnight

Boiling for 68 min

Draining and cooling to 38 °C

Inoculation with Rhizopus oligosporus w/o Klebsiella pneumoniae Incubation on trays at 35-38°C, 75-78 % R.H. for 18 hr Dehydration Wrapping

Table 50 Raw Ingredients for Fermented Vegetables

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