Western-style pickles are produced by salting the pickling cucumbers in vats into salt stocks for long-term storage, followed by desalting, and bottling in sugar and vinegar with or without spices. The fermentation is still lactic acid fermentation. However, it is more susceptible to spoilage because air may be trapped inside the slightly wax-coated cucumbers. In the salt curing of cucumbers, spoilage can occur and precautions should be taken to avoid its occurrence. Because of their high acidity and low pH, the products are gen-

Table 51 Basic Steps in Sauerkraut Processing

Selection and trimming of white head cabbage Coring and shredding of head cabbage to 1/8 inch (31.25 mm) thick Salting with 2.25 to 2.50% salt by weight with thorough mixing Storage of salted cabbage in vats with plastic cover weighed with water to exclude air in the cabbage

Fermentation at 7 to 23° C for 2-3 months or longer to achieve an acidity of 2.0% (lactic)

Heating of kraut to 73.9°C before filling the cans or jars, followed by exhausting, sealing, and cooling Storage and distribution

erally mildly heat-treated to sterilize or pasteurize the product. Table 52 lists the basic steps in the production of Western-style pickles (43-47).

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