Control of Body Weight

Kimchi is shown to reduce body weight in rats. The capsaicin in red pepper stimulates spinal nerves and activates the release of catecholamine in the adrenal gland (91), a hormone known to increase metabolism. As shown in Table 12, when rats were fed a diet containing red pepper powder plus a high fat content, these animals had a decrease in body weight, compared to rats fed only a high fat diet (92,93). When the rats are fed kimchi that contained the same level of red pepper powder plus high fat as in the previous diet, it was found that the

Table 11 Nutritional and Health Benefits of Kimchi

1. Increase in appetite

2. Control of body weight

3. Prevention of constipation and colon cancer

4. Good source of probiotics (lactic acid bacteria)

5. Decrease in serum cholesterol, and increase in fibrinolytic activity

6. Antioxidative effect (antiaging, prevention of skin aging)

7. Anticancer effect (antimutagenic and antitumor effect)

8. Increase in immune function

Table 12 Changes in Body Weight and Food Intake of Rats Fed Experimental Diet After 4 Weeks


diet (HFD) red pepper powder kimchi

Body weight (g) Initial weight Final weight

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