Kimchi is a Korean traditional fermented vegetable. Most kimchi is characterized by its hot taste due to the use of fairly high amount of chili pepper and its visibility in the product. However, some kimchi are made without chili pepper, but with garlic and ginger together with vegetables and other ingredients. It still has a hot taste from the garlic and ginger. Vegetables used in making kimchi vary with its formulations, with Chinese cabbage, cucumber, and large turnip being more common. Beside chili pepper, garlic and ginger can also be used to provide the hot sensation. Other ingredients may also be added to provide a typical flavor. The fermentation is still lactic acid fermentation. Traditionally, kimchi was made in every household in Korean rural areas to provide the vegetables for the winter when other fresh vegetables are not readily available. Nowadays, it is a big industry in Korea, with kimchi available all year round. In other parts of the world where Koreans live, kimchi resident, kimchi is available either as a household item or as a commercial product. Kimchi is usually not heat sterilized after packaging into jars. Pasteurization is optional. It is considered perishable and stored refrigerated. Table 53 lists the basic steps in the manufacture of kimchi (49,51).

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