Processing Equipment And Milk Handling Prior To Yogurt And Sour Cream Production

The equipment needed for processing yogurt and sour cream is interchangeable, so both products may be manufactured at a single facility. Necessary components of the processes include holding tanks for raw ingredients and equipment for separation, standardization of the fat content, homogenization, heat treatment (pasteurization), culture preparation (if direct-set cultures are not used), and inoculation, packaging, and storage.

For production of Grade A products, milk suppliers and processors must comply with recommendations outlined in the Grade ''A'' Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (16). For instance, ''All multi-use containers, equipment and utensils used in the handling, storage or transportation of milk shall be made of smooth, nonabsorbent, corrosion-resistant, nontoxic materials, and shall be so constructed as to be easily cleaned (16).'' Farm holding/ cooling tanks, welded sanitary piping, and transportation tanks shall comply with the applicable requirements of items 10p and 11p of section 7 in the PMO (16).

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