Southern Or Mediterranean And Northerntype Sausages

The above description of dry sausage manufacturing can be used to characterize fermented sausages throughout the world, although a wide variety of products exists. National or local differences result from the recipe, seasoning, type of starter culture used, degree of communition, calibration size, fermentation, and ripening conditions. However, in Europe two types of products can be distinguished: the southern and the northern sausages (2). Typical southern sausages include Italian salami, Spanish salchichón, and French saucisson sec manufactured in Mediterranean countries. Northern sausages include German or Hungarian salami-type manufactured in all Nordic countries.

Southern- and northern-type sausages differ in size, the presence of beef (northern), the particle size, the use of nitrate in curing salt (southern), in fungi starters (southern), smoking (northern), as well as in fermentation temperature and duration of fermentation and ripening (Table 2).

Table 1 Production of Fresh and Fermented Sausages in Europe

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