Milk For Cheese

For production of cheese, the milk has to be of good quality.

Table 4 Example of Calculation of Milk Solids in Cheese Curd, Yield of Cheese and Composition of Cheese, Based on Typical Figures for Composition of Cheese Milk and for Retention of Milk Solids in Cheese Curd

Retention In 1 kg in cheese milk curd

Milk solids in cheese curd

Net calculated for Gross cheese curd from 1 kg calculated milk, with correction for cheese the part of the phosphate curd from in the ash originating 1 kg milk from serine-PO4

Fat (standardized to give 30.0 g minimum 45% fat in dry matter of cheese)

Protein 34.0 g

Lactose (anhydride) 46.0 g

Citrate 1.8 g

Total solids in fresh cheese curd from 1 kg milk

57.10 g

Yield of cheese:

In addition to the milk solids, the cheese after salting includes extraneous NaCl. If the cheese after salting contains 43% moisture and 57% dry matter, of which 2% is NaCl and 55% is milk solids, the yield of cheese per kg milk will be:

57.1 x 100/55 = 103.8 g. Then the composition of the salted cheese can be calculated:


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