Nutritive Value And Importance In The Diet

The nutritive value of kenkey is basically dependent on the maize from which it is made and the processing technique used in production. Maize contributes significantly to the total calorific and protein content of the diet of people who consume it as a staple in Ghana and is richer in protein than other staples such as cassava, coccoyams, yams, and plantain. However, the traditional maize varieties are deficient in lysine, tryptophan, and B vitamins (2). It has been estimated that maize accounts for 90-95% of the total calories and over 70% of the dietary proteins of some people in parts of the coastal areas (3).

On a dry-matter basis the proximate composition of Ga-kenkey is roughly 8.9-9.8% protein, 1.3-3.2% fat, 0.5-1.9% ash, 10.6-78.6 mg/100g calcium, 202.4-213.8 mg/100 g phosphorus, 6.5-12.6% mg/100 g iron, and 74.3-87.1% total carbohydrate (4-7).

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