Iimoldripened Sausages

These products are raw-fermented and dried; mostly, but not always, manufactured with starters in the sausage mix (micrococci, sometimes lactobacilli and yeasts, and—on the surface—atoxigenic mold starters); ripened and dried mostly, if not always, for a longer period of time (several months). Because of chemical changes due to longer ripening-drying times, final pH is usually higher (pH > 5.5), even if pH value after incubation was lower. For this reason, it is of vital importance, from the food safety point of view, that final aw-value be low enough, which requirement is fulfilled by a long drying period.

Some typical mold-ripened products are French, Hungarian, Italian, California and Yugoslavian salami; of these, the Hungarian product is manufactured traditionally, without application of starter cultures.

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