Source: Refs. 28-30.

Source: Refs. 28-30.

Table 41 Basic Steps in Steamed Bread Processing

Selection of flour and ingredients such as milk powder and sugar (optional) Mixing of dough Fermentation: Full fermentation—1-3 hr Partial fermentation—0.5-1.5 hr No-time fermentation—0 hr

Remixed fermentation dough—remixing of fully fermented dough with up to 40% of flour by weight Neutralization with 40% sodium bicarbonate and remixing Molding

Proofing at 40 °C for 30-40 min (no-time dough) Steaming for about 20 min

Steamed bread is maintained at least warm to preserve quality. Source: Ref. 38.

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Bread Making

Bread Making

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