Ivpickled Nonfermented Jalapeino Peppers

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Jalapeiio peppers that are most widely sold in producing countries, such as Mexico are pickled nonfermented products. They are sold in different can sizes and consist of whole cut peppers, mixed with scalded onions, carrots and mushrooms, with vinegar to which spice has been added. (Fig. 2).

The main difference between this product and fermented peppers is that the raw material is fresh peppers or peppers preserved with salt (brine). According to its acidity, the product is then heat-treated (9). If it is an acidic food, spoilage can takes place, so a further preservation method is necessary. The flow diagram for this process is shown in Fig. 3.

At the domestic level or in small industries, pickled jalapeno peppers are processed by mixing scalded carrots, onions, and other vegetables with jalapeno peppers cut lengthwise, and adding vinegar previously flavored with pepper, cinnamon, marjoram, thyme, and clove, and other condiments (onion, garlic, and laurel fried in vegetable oil) (10).

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