Methyl Antranilate

3-Methylbutyl acetate NA NA

Methyl antranilate Citral g-Decalactone NA

1-p-Hydroxyphenyl-3-butanone NA

g-Undecalactone NA NA

trans- and ds-p-Methane-8-thiol-3-one NA 15 compounds g-Undecalactone Allyl hexanoate NA


Source: Refs. 10 and 17.

gel form. There are different fermented liquid milks available, and only sour milk, kefir, and acidophilus milk are discussed below. Readers should also refer to other chapters in this book on related products.

1. Sour Milk

Table 24 presents the basic steps in the manufacturing of the most basic fermented liquid milk, sour milk. The milk is standardized, pasteurized, inoculated, incubated, homogenized, and packaged. It is a very straightforward procedure as compared to the other two products, kefir and acidophilus milk (1-9).

2. Kefir

Kefir is a fermented liquid milk product characterized by its content of a small amount of alcohol, and its inoculant, the kefir grains. It is a common product in Eastern European

Table 22 Permitted Yogurt Colorings

Name of color Maximum level (mg/kg)

Table 22 Permitted Yogurt Colorings

Name of color Maximum level (mg/kg)


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