Nutritive and Pharmaceutical Values of Natto Beans

Natto beans are very nutritious. Natto is a fermented soy product and a protein source. Because the soy proteins are hydrolyzed, natto beans can be digested more easily. Given feed made by mixing polished rice flour (68%), natto beans (28%), and inorganic salts (4%), white mice were found to have an absorption rate of 93.2%. In natto beans, 86.8% of the protein, 89.9% of the fat, and 97.4% of the sugar can be absorbed. Natto is therefore better than cooked soybeans.

Vitamin B2 content in natto beans is 5-10 times more than that of the unfermented beans, with about 1 mg in 100 g of natto beans. Vitamin B1 loses its activity during the cooking of the beans, but it gains back 30% of its activity after fermentation. The digestive enzymes in natto beans can help prevent epidemic diseases that affect the digestive tract, such as dysentery and typhus. It is also helpful in the prevention or dietary treatment of food poisoning and intestinal diseases.

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