P Garments

Frequency: Daily.


1. Place dirty garments into the washer-extractor. Do not load the washer beyond its rated capacity.

2. Place the programmer dial at the start of the cycle and push the ''On'' and '' Run'' selector buttons. The drum programmer will automatically select the wash time and water temperature. Cleansing compounds are dispensed into the wash cycle immediately. Many detergents are available for this application. An example would be the mixture of 1 kg of a commercial laundry compound and 0.25 kg of chlorine bleach per 65 kg of dry weight load. Bleach should not be used when washing gloves.

3. After the wash-extractor cycle, remove the garments and place them in the dryer. Set aside garments not thoroughly clean for rewashing. Do not load the dryer beyond its rated capacity.

4. Set the temperature at 121 °C for 30 mins. Dry gloves for only 20 min.

5. Place dried garments in a clean wire crib or equivalent container. They do not need to be folded.

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