Fermented Meats

20. Meat Fermentation: Principles and Applications Daniel Demeyer

21. Dry-Cured Ham

Fidel Toldra

22. Semidry Fermented Sausages Joseph G. Sebranek

23. Dry-Fermented Sausages

RĂ©gine Talon, Sabine Leroy-Setrin, and Silvina Fadda

24. Mold-Ripened Sausages K. Incze

25. Meat Products Processing: Operational Procedures and Processing Equipment

P. Baldini

26. Fermented and Dry-Cured Meat: Packaging and Quality Control Fidel Toldra, Rafael Gavara, and Jose M. Lagaron

27. Meat Processing Plant Sanitation Norman G. Marriott

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