Peeling is a necessary operation during carrot and onion processing; to improve the product appearance, the elimination of inedible parts must be carried out, although it is

Figure 2 Pickled and cut jalapeno peppers.
Figure 3 Jalapeno pepper: nonfermented pickling.

important not to eliminate large portions of the vegetable. There are different peeling methods:

Abrasion: Carrot peeling is done by abrasion. In this way, skin is removed by friction; the product is in contact with carborundum rollers or placed into containers with the inside coated with an abrasive material such as silicon or carbon. The abrasive surface detaches the carrot skin, which is later removed by a water stream.

Flame peeling: Applied mainly to onions, it consists of placing the vegetables on a transportation band moving through an oven at >1000°C. As the vegetables pass, the outmost layer and fine roots are burnt and eliminated by high pressure water spraying.

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