In the past, cloth bags of 17 cm (width) x 70 cm (length) bags were used (now nylon bags) to hold the fermented mash for pressing. The filled bags are laid flat in a hydraulic press overnight for gravitational filtration. The pressed bags are then piled on trays for final pressing under pressure. The soy sauce will drip out slowly. More recently, the trend is not to use bags but to use nylon sheets to hold the fermented mash. For each nylon sheet, 12 kg of fermented mash is placed inside. A pile of 330 sheets will permit natural filtration, followed by pressurized filtration (Fig. 6). This method is convenient with high filtration rate. The damage to the nylon sheets is minimal. The liquid coming out from the first filtration is called raw soy sauce (Table 3) and the cake is called raw cake. The raw cake

Figure 6 Soy sauce mash presser.
Table 3 General Composition of Raw Soy Sauce (12 Water, %)







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