Salami Mincing and Mixing Operations

In order to extract a good quantity of the salt-soluble proteins, the cutting of the various fractions, the addition of ingredients and additives, and the mixing of the various components can be done on one or several machines, each having a specific function.

The most complex line (several machines) involves an initial breaking up of the meat using a roughing machine; the final mincing of the particles takes place in a mincer, and the addition of ingredients and additives in a mixer. This line is not suitable if the quantity of frozen meat is too high in relation to the strength of the mincer or if the particle size is too small and the quality/quantity of fat are such as to give rise to a high possibility of fusion of the adipose fractions. The use of a machine capable of carrying out all the operations required (cutter) entails several advantages, such as the possibility of mincing very hard meat and the reduced likelihood of fusion of the fats, although some problems may arise due to the greater unevenness of the cutting process and the difficulty involved in extracting the proteins completely.

The operating modalities differ according to the type of product desired; the consistency characteristics (a sliceable or spreadable product) must be evaluated.

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