Effective sanitation in meat and poultry plants involves the control of microorganisms that cause food spoilage and foodborne illness. An efficient cleaning operation can reduce labor costs in meat and poultry plants by up to 50%. The optimal cleaning system depends on soil type and equipment to be cleaned. Although high-pressure, low-volume cleaning equipment is known to be the most effective for removing heavy organic soils, foam cleaning has become more prominent because it is easier and quicker. CIP systems are typically limited primarily to applications that involve large storage containers because of higher investment costs and more cleaning limitations. Acid cleaning compounds are used more frequently to remove mineral deposits. Alkaline cleaning compounds are more effective in the removal of organic soils than other cleaners. Chlorine compounds are the most effective and economical sanitizer for the destruction of residual microorganisms. However, iodine compounds cause less corrosion and irritation, and quaternary ammonium sanitizers

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