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The Law on Freedom of Information makes possible the publishing of this book.That described in this book is still illegal in Sweden and in many other countries, and what "one" does in the book in not intended to tempt the reader. But knowledge is an easy burden and amateur distillation is free in several countries. Pleasant reading.

The Author

I would again like to stress that the contents of this book are not intended to encourage the reader to break the law. If it is illegal in your country to distill alcohol you should naturally not do so. This book describes the technical aspects of home distillation as it is practised in countries where it is legal.

Natural Home Distillation

Natural home distillation comprises mash fermentation followed by distillation and after-treatment. This can be split up into the following stages:

* Equipment

* Ingredients

* Fermentation

* Distillation

* Dilution

* Purification

* Flavouring

Natural home distillation has been a tradition for many hundreds of years in Sweden. Domestic distillation has been taxed at various times, allowed or forbidden since the sixteen hundreds. Currently home distillation is forbidden and the processes covered by this book are illegal in Sweden. However, knowledge is not a heavy burden and home distillation is allowed in many countries of the world today.

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