Heat source for the still

hindering placing the still upon it just roll out the cooker from the wall. 99% of domestic cookers are provided with castors. NOTE: Hotplates with a thermostat are unsuitable as the temperature is too variable, and also the mash vessel will surge boil. An integral heating element is an excellent solution, but one must ensure that the mash vessel does not boil dry. If the element is not covered with liquid it will melt. A heating element heats the mash up faster and uses less electricity. For determining temperatures for various purposes and also for reading the column top temperature one usually uses a laboratory thermometer graduated from -10 to 100°C or there abouts. A thermometer can give a false reading so test it in boiling water, which should read +100°C. If the thermometer is not correct it will also read incorrectly at 78°C. Just make allowances for the error.

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