The slower the distillation, the purer will be the spirit. To achieve maximum quality the temperature of the thermometer on the top of the column should read 78°C (+- 0.2°C). The temperature is regulated by the supply of heat under the distillation vessel and by regulating the flow of the cooling water. Rough adjustments should be made with the heater and fine adjustments with the cooling water flow rate. A correctly adjusted distillation apparatus does not require any attention. The 78°C distillate holds to 85% or more. When the spirit is exhausted no more comes out of the apparatus. The temperature falls in the column and the mash condenses and runs back into the ^ boiling vessel. The heat source must not have a thermostat as it is not then possible to set the temperature so the mash surge boils up the column. With elements built into the boiling vessel, the initial rapid heating can be made with several elements and then distilling can be done with one or two heating elements.

Boiling mash 10% 92,6°C

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