The boiling vessel

The boiling vessel is fabricated from two stainless steel buckets welded rim-to-rim of 10-15 litres capacity each. The capacity of the boiling vessel is 20-30 litres. If the base buckles outwards when stood on a hotplate hammer it carefully slightly concave with a mallet or similar.

If two stainless steel bread pans are used instead the boiling vessel will be lower and wider. This is almost better as heating up is quicker. The boiling surface (vapour area) is bigger and distillation is more rapid.

These are the two most used types of boiling vessels. By using bread pans or buckets which are manufactured as standard products one saves much money. Custom or special purpose fabricated vessels in stainless steel are quite expensive. The boiling vessel can be designed differently to give a faster distillation (wide vessel with a broad column junction), but the increase in speed compared with a bucket or dough trough vessel is of no consequence.

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