This is copied (with permission) from Internet. There are more companies world-wide offering those Turbos.

There are many manufacturers of Turbos and frankly, there is only one who is that excellent. Our policy is to sell top quality worldwide. All Turbos we sell are variations from this very excellent producer. For example, the nutrient of a certain Turbo contains 22 different ingredients. Some competitors only contains one ingredient, ammonium phosphate. Another example: some competitors yeast ferment much faster when you use a mono sugar like grape sugar (glucose) or fruit sugar (fructose). Turbos we sell ferments sucrose (ordinary household sugar, sucrose) with the same speed. All those Turbos are also designed to make as few volatiles as possible. To make a good Turbo you need a great deal of know how. To make a bad Turbo you need only bakers yeast and ammonium phosphate. You can be sure that I am serious about this. The first widely sold Turbo here, and probably in the whole world, was my product, SUPERJASTEN. I have not sold this since 1996 because it was no longer, in my honest opinion, the best. Today I have sold this Trade Mark and do not sell this product. Scandinavia is considered worlds leading market in essences, activated carbon and yeast. To give an example, one of our competitors have sold essences for 100 years. Many products has been invented here. I will produce a Turbo again and work to get maximum quality. But we will not rush with this as we have these superior products to sell under Trademark such as Alcotec and others.

For the future, yeast scientists are working very hard. The strains used today are natural and so it will be for a while. New strains will tolerate higher temperatures and higher alcohol contents and make less and less volatiles. After this, genetically manipulated strains will take over. Then it will be possible to ferment 25% alcohol, a liqueur, maybe even more. How long this will take is impossible to know. My estimation is that it will occur within 10 years from today, but no sooner then 5 years. Kindest regards Gert Strand

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