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IF you are toying with the idea of trying your hand at winemaking, delay no longer. Go right ahead! By so doing you will be joining the thousands of happy folk who, in recent years, have discovered this intriguing and rewarding hobby. It is, indeed, a pastime which truly "brings its own rewards," for there can be few pleasures to equal that of being able to offer a friend, and enjoy with him, a glass of one's own wine.

In post-war years there has been an astonishing revival of home winemaking in Britain; wine, it is true, has been made here for centuries, but sugar scarcity during World War II and lack of opportunity debarred many from taking up the pastime, and it was left to the few to keep our craft alive. Now, however, it is attracting the interest of thousands, and scientific developments and the spread of wine-making knowledge have made it possible for anyone to produce a palatable wine in their own home.

There is absolutely no restriction upon how much wine you make as long as it is entirely for your own consumption, but not a drop of it must be sold, or you will be in trouble with the law. Nor must you distil, a practice which is both dangerous in that alcohols which are not safely potable may be produced, and illegal, carrying very heavy penalties. You may also brew at home as much duty-free beer as you like, but not a drop of it must be sold, since no duty has been paid upon it.

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Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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