1 lb. malt extract 1 oz. hops

1 gallon water Brewer's (or dried) yeast 1 level teaspoon liquid gravy browning (caramel)


Boil all the ingredients except the yeast together for 90 minutes; add more water to restore the original volume. Strain, allow to cool until tepid, add yeast. Keep closely covered in a warm room for four days. Siphon off into strong bottles, avoiding disturbing the yeast deposit, pop half a lump of sugar into each bottle and tie down the corks with string. Keep in a really cool place. It should be ready to drink in a fortnight to three weeks, but improves with keeping.

To make a black home-brew of stout-like quality, use the Cheshire Home Brew recipe, but include 1 lb. of patent black malt and 1 lb. of crushed barley in place of the crystal malt. These specialised ingredients can be obtained from Semplex, of Birkenhead.

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