1 lb. pure malt extract 1 lb. sugar 1 oz. hops

1 gallon water / teaspoon salt Yeast

Dissolve the malt extract, sugar and salt in the warmed water then add most of the hops and boil for ^ hour, adding the remainder of the hops five minutes before the end. Strain into a wide-necked jar so that it is filled to within 1 ^ inches of the top, and cover well.

When cool add the yeast which should be dried brewer's or lager type. The ferment should be complete within a week. When quite sure the ferment is complete, rack off and add 2 oz. of sugar, stirring thoroughly.

Bottle in screw-top bottles, and in a few days the homebrew will be sparkling and ready to drink.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

At one time or another you must have sent away for something. A

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