1 pint wallflower blossoms / lb. minced sultanas

2 / lb. sugar Juice of 2 lemons

1 teaspoon grape tannin Water to 1 gallon Yeast and nutrient


Put the sugar, minced sultanas, and flowerlets into a polythene bucket and pour over them 3 quarts hot (not boiling) water. Stir vigorously. When cool add the lemon juice, tannin, and a general-purpose wine yeast, and ferment, well covered, for not more than three days. Strain into fermentation jar, top up with cold boiled water to bottom of neck, fit fermentation lock, and continue as usual.



1 lb. Parsley (fresh) or 1 packet (Heath and Heather)

Dried Parsley / oz. Bruised Ginger (if liked). (1 lb. Barley can be added if required)

4 lb. sugar

2 oranges and 2 lemons 1 gallon water Yeast and nutrient


Boil the parsley (the dried variety should firstly be infused for 24 hours), bruised ginger and thinly peeled rinds of the lemons and oranges for 20 minutes in the gallon of water. Strain on to the sugar and stir well. When lukewarm add the yeast and the fruit juice. Stir and cover, leave for 24 hours. Pour into a fermenting jar and insert an air lock. Leave in a warm place to ferment to a finish. Siphon off into a storage jar.



8 lb. stoned raisins 1 lb. barley (if desired, it will lend "body" to the wine)


Pour the boiling water on to the raisins and barley and add the chopped leaves of the red sage. Allow to cool and then add the juice of the two lemons and the yeast (a pre-prepared wine yeast, a level teaspoonful of dried yeast, or % oz. baker's yeast). Keep covered, in a warm place, for seven days, stirring daily, then place in a fermentation vessel with an air lock and ferment in the usual way.



1 gallon bramble tips 1 gallon water

3 lb. preserving sugar Yeast and nutrient


Place the tips in a crock and cover them with boiling water. Leave this to stand overnight, then bring to the boil and simmer gently for a quarter of an hour. Strain through muslin on to the sugar, add the yeast when it has cooled, and keep closely covered in a warm place for ten days. Then pour into fermenting jar and fit trap. Leave until wine clears, then siphon off and bottle.

4 lb. sage leaves Yeast and nutrient 2 Lemons 1 gallon water

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Making Your Own Wine

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