Milk Stout


2 lb. patent black malt 6 oz. flaked barley 2 lb. glucose (powdered) 1 pkt. dried brewing yeast


4 gallons water 1 pkt. vitamin yeast food 1 oz. of hops 1 teaspoonful of salt

Bring the water in the boiler to 150 degrees F., add the malt and flaked barley. Keep at a steady 140-150 degrees F. for four hours. Great care should be taken that the temperature does not exceed 150 degrees F. during the whole of the four-hour period, for this is important in the extracting of the maltose, and is almost the most vital process in this particular type of brewing. Strain, discard the malt, and add the hops and salt. Boil for a further hour. Place 2 lb. of glucose in the crock, and pour over it the hot wort. Stir well. Leave until the temperature is 65 degrees F. then scatter on the yeast and yeast food, and stir well in. Ferment in the usual way for 48 hours in a warm place, then siphon into bottles or jars. The brew is ready to drink in about a week. Flaked maize can also be used to great advantage in all home brews, in place of the flaked barley.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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