Bring a convenient quantity of water to the boil, 3 gallons if you have a 4-gallon boiler. Add salt, then put in herbs and simmer for 45 minutes. When hops are used, some of the fragrance is lost in the steam. So keep a handful back till the last five minutes of the infusion. Allow to cool for a few minutes. This gives the herbs time to settle and makes decanting easier.

Put the sugar and malt into the fermenting vessel. Strain the near-boiling infusion of herbs into the vessel, and stir well till all is dissolved with a hardwood stick.

Make up to five gallons with boiled water. Allow to cool. Dissolve yeast food (if used) and citric acid or lemon juice in a little of the brew, and stir in. Put the hydrometer in and note the gravity.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

At one time or another you must have sent away for something. A

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