THESE are the bare essentials, but undoubtedly as you progress in winemaking you will add other pieces of desirable equipment—a thermometer, a hydrometer for calculating the strength of your wine, glass tubing for taking samples, small funnels, casks, stone jars, tie-on labels for jars and stick-on labels for bottles, a corking device, a cork borer, jelly bags for straining, a bottle-cleaning brush, and perhaps a small press or one of the quite inexpensive juice extractors now obtainable which can do so very much to remove the "cookery" from winemaking and make it that more pleasurable. You may even go to the length of wanting to be entirely sure of accuracy, so much so that you will need some acid measuring equipment. But there is no need to bother about all this at the outset. That is the beauty of winemaking, you can tackle it as you please, either in comparatively simple fashion with the help of recipes, or by going the whole hog and delving more fully into its scientific side, making up country wines to suit your own taste in the light of your experience.

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Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

At one time or another you must have sent away for something. A

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