Sparkling wines

A MALO-LACTIC fermentation will give you a sparkling wine accidentally, as it were, but it is even more fun to make one deliberately. All you need is a suitable must—apples, pears, gooseberries, rhubarb are all ideal ingredients—a champagne yeast, and not too much sugar (about 2 ^ lbs. to 1 gallon, or an S.G. of 1080-1085, giving a wine of about 10 %). Ferment this to dryness, rack twice, mature for about six months, and then bottle in champagne bottles, adding to each 1 level teaspoon of sugar and a little fermenting champagne yeast. Cork well with a true cylindrical wine cork and wire it securely. Mature for at least three months. Do not make this wine in ordinary wine bottles; they will not stand up to the pressure involved.

If you wish to make an "instant" sparkling wine and are lucky enough to possess a Sparklet siphon you can do so in this way. First chill the wine in the refrigerator. Pour a bottle into the siphon, screw on the cap, insert a cartridge, turn the siphon upside down, and discharge the cartridge. By inverting the siphon the bottom of the tube inside it will be at the top and will be projecting above the surface of the wine. Turn the siphon up the right way again. Store it in a cold place if it is to be kept for a while before use. To serve the wine, do not squirt it out through the nozzle but unscrew the cap and pour out the wine as from a bottle. Hey presto!—Sparkling wine!

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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