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DO not, at the outset, buy a lot of expensive equipment: it is better to start making wine with what you have—you probably have in your kitchen already some of the essentials—and then to acquire the rest by stages as the necessity arises. For a start you will undoubtedly need some kind of boiler, and if you can lay your hands on one that will hold three to five gallons it will prove ideal. Failing that, you can "make do" with a one-gallon or one-and-a-half-gallon saucepan.

Avoid containers and utensils of iron, brass and copper, which may be affected by acid and impart hazes and flavours to your wine; use only boilers of aluminium or sound —unchipped—enamel ware.

You will also need a large vessel in which to do your soaking, or mashing, and one of three to five gallons is ideal. The most commonly used nowadays is a plastic dustbin, since it is cheap, easy to clean and store, and light to handle, and when it splits or is useless for winemaking it can start doing duty as a dustbin! Alternatively you can use an earthenware crock of some sort.

Tall, cylindrical ones are the most convenient, since they are easier to cover and take up less floor space than the "bread-pan" variety. They should be hard salt-glazed, since lead glaze can have poisonous results. True, it is rarely encountered on domestic vessels nowadays but one does occasionally come across it on very old ones, or on those of Middle Eastern origin, so this warning needs to be issued! Salt glaze is hard, but lead glaze is soft, and can be dented with the thumbnail. You probably already have a polythene bucket, and will find this extremely useful for small quantities; polythene vessels are excellent for winemaking.


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Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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