V pint canned orange juice

V pint canned pineapple juice 2 lbs. sugar


1 teaspoonful Pectozyme Bordeaux yeast Water to 1 gallon

The sugar is poured into a gallon jar, the juices and nutrients, etc., are added and the jar is topped up to the shoulder with cold water. Vigorous stirring will dissolve the sugar and the yeast starter and Pectozyme are added immediately. This wine will ferment out to dryness in about 3-4 weeks at 75 deg. F. At the end of this time 2 Campden tablets should be added and the wine racked a week later. After 3-4 months the wine is brilliantly clear and is drinkable as a rough white wine but is much improved if cask matured for two months.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

At one time or another you must have sent away for something. A

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