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A complete month-by-month guide to winemaking (including the production of cider, perry and mead) and beer brewing at home, with over 130 tried and tested recipes


(Editor, The Amateur Winemaker)

"The Amateur Winemaker," North Croye, The Avenue, Andover, Hants

About this book

THIS little book really started as a collection of recipes, reliable recipes which had appeared in the monthly magazine, " The Amateur Winemaker." First published in January 1960, it was an instant and phenomenal success, for a quarter of a million copies have been sold, and it is now recognised as the best "rapidcourse" in winemakingavailable to the beginner.

This new edition has the advantage of modern format, and better illustrations, and the opportunity has been taken to introduce new material and bring the book right up to date.

Those who are in need of recipes, and who have probably just fallen under the spell of this fascinating hobby of ours, will also want to know more of its technicalities, so this book includes a wealth of practical tips and certain factual information that any winemaker would find useful. In particular, the hydrometer, ignored in many books on winemaking, has been dealt with simply but adequately, and there is a really practical section on "home-brew" beers and ales . . . you will find this small book a mine of useful knowledge.

The original recipes are there, over 130 of them, with quite a few others, and they are all arranged in the months of their making, so that you can pursue your winemaking all the year round with this veritable Winemakers' Almanac. Further up-to-date recipes appear in the companion volumes, "130 New Winemaking Recipes" and "Home-Brewed Beers and Stouts" "Making Wines Like Those you Buy" and "Making Mead" (each 5/-, post 8d.).

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it . . . best wishes for successful winemaking!

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Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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