Altbier (Düsseldorfer)

Mainly Düsseldorf, some other towns in Westphalia, Germany

Top fermented

Dark colour, well hopped fruity flavoured beer (4.4-5.0% abv)


Originally from Einbeck, Saxony, Germany

Originally top fermented

Strong dark brown


Bavaria, Germany

Bottom fermented

Full, estery strong lager (7.5-13.0% abv)

Eisbock (ice beer)

Bavaria, Germany

Bottom fermented, very-low-temperature lagering to increase alcohol content by removal of ice

Very strong full bodied lager (13.2% abv)

Bock beer (USA)

USA and Canada

Bottom fermented

Dark colour, lightly hopped and estery

Vienna (Märzen) bier

Originally Austrian beer but now Bavaria, Germany

Bottom fermented

Pale, well-hopped lager stronger than Helles (5-6% abv)

Bitter ale

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