2.4.3 Polyphenols

Polyphenolic constituents of worts arise from both malt and hops. The significance of those derived from malts resides in their ability to form complexes with proteins and form hazes in beer. Formation of such complexes, in the form of insoluble precipitates, is encouraged at several stages in the brewing process such that they may be removed in order to produce finished beer with no propensity to form hazes. For example, formation of hot and cold break during wort boiling and cooling and chill-proofing during conditioning and filtration (described in previous sections of this chapter).

Polyphenols, or tannins, are complex chemically and several chemical species,

Table 2.9 Nucleic acid components of worts produced at various mashing temperatures, together with concentrations measured in the respective beers (rngT1). Ale fermentations were performed at 15-22°C and lager fermentations at 11-16°C (from Chen al, 1973).

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