Fig. 8.30 Images that capture the steps of a 'single shot' bioluminescence test (kindly provided by Gareth Lang. Biotrace Limited).

detection sensitivity important; is the real time advantage of bioluminescence really worth the compromise in sensitivity? Is the use of bioluminescence lowering cleaning standards as opposed to raising them?

Routine CiP rinse results (c. 1000 data points) for a low soiling area (keg line, Fig. 8.31) and a high soiling process (FV, Fig. 8.32) indicate the sensitivity of Aqua-Trace™ to be in accord with CiP capability (Quain, 1999). As would be anticipated, the data for the keg line is predominately below 100 RLUs, whereas the more challenging CiP of fermenters is higher and less consistent. It is noteworthy that a 'fail result' is generally unambiguous being significantly in excess of 300 RLUs.

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