Bottling Fermented Liquids

The two most important objects to be effected in bottling these fluids, will be to prevent them from passing into the acetic fermentation, and for them to open briskly. The fermentation spoken of can bo checked by the addition of from five to fifteen per cent, of alcohol. And to cause it to open briskly, add to each bottle one tea-spoonful of yeast, and a table-spoonful of honey, or a lump of white sugar of the size of a nutmeg. In filling the bottles, leave a space of one or two inches in the neck of the bottle, i. e. never fill the bottle to the cork.

When fluids that are rendered effervescent from acids and alkalies are to be bottled, the alkali should be coated with sugar to prevent its too rapid dissolution. and the consequent effervescence ; the sugar coating is performed by dropping the alkali in melted sugar.

Sarsaparilla Beer, for Bottling.—Infuse six ounces of bruised ginger, half a pound of bruised liquorice root, in live gallons of boiiing water until cold, strain through flannel, then dissolve in the liquor six pounds of brown sugar, then add half a pint of yeast and three ounces of cream of taitar ; in cold weather this should be kept near the fir^, so as to excite brisk fermentation ; as soon as this subsides rack off the clear liquor, return it into the cask previously washed out, and allow it to work for two days longer. Then add oil of sassafras, twenty-five drops ; oil of aniseed, ten drops ; oil of whitergreen, twenty-five drops ; these oils should be rubbed up well with a handful of dry sugar before adding, then add half a pint of brandy coloring, or burned sugar, then bottle it; this will open very fine.

Effervescing Spirit of Pineapples, for Bottling.—-Infuse three ounces of bruised ginger, one drachm cochineal, one drachm gamboge, in five gallons of boiling water, until cold ; then dissolve in the liquor five pounds of refined sugar, and add half a pint of yeast, and three ounces of cream of tartar ; as soon as brisk fermentation has set in, drain off, and strain the liquor through flannel; it should be allowed to work for two days longer. It is then ready for bottling ; previous to which add, the moment before 11*

filling each bottle, one table-spoonful of butyric ether, or in the absence of this, the same quantity of acetic ether may be substituted, and two table» spoonfuls of honey to every bottle.

To manage this receipt successfully, the water made use of should bo perfectly clear, the sugar refined, and when prepared for commerce, it should be bottled in clear glass, and appropriately labelled.

Effervescing Spirit of Oranges, for Bottling.—Infuse eight ounces of sweet orange peeling in live gallons of boiling water, until cool, then add half a pint of yeast, three ounces of cream of tartar, and five pounds of loaf sugar; ferment in a warm place for three days, then strain through flannel j then add one drachm of oil of orange, well rubbed up in a couple of ounces of sugar, tincture of gainbogo or saffron (see the preparation of these colors), until the liquid has assumed an orange color. Sometimes a small portion of cochineal will heighten this color, then bottle and label.

Effervescing Spirit of Strawberries.—Infuse three ounces of green tea in five gallons of boiling water, along with two drachms cochineal, and six ounces of logwood chips, four ounces of hops, until cold, then stir in five pints of honey, four ounces of cream of tartar, and half a pint of yeast; fwrrneut in a warm place for tbree day», then strain through flan-i<cl; allow it to work two days longer, and then bottle ; add to each bottle, before filling, one tablo-«poonful of acetic ether.

Effervescing Spirit of Vanilla, for Bottling.—Infuse two ounccs cacli of bruised ginger, liquorice root, and six ounces of hops, in four gallons of boiling water, along with three ounces' of vanilla, cut small, until cold ; then add Ave pound» of refined sugar, half a pint of yeast, three ounces of cream of tartar, ferment for four days, and then strain through flannel, and bottle ; add to each bottle a table-spoonful of the essence of vanilla. See Essences.

Effervescing Beach Juice, for Bottling.—Infuse livo pounds of mashed raisins, two ounces of bitter almonds, in five gallons of boiling water, until cold ; then add fivo pounds of refined sugar, three ounces of cream of tartar, one pint of yeast, and half an ounce oi gamboge ; ferment in a warm place for four days ; strain through flannel, then allow it to work one day longer ; then add spirit of orange flowers, a pound and a, half; oil of bitter almonds, fifteen drops ; oil of lemon peel, one drachm, being firdt dissolved in half a pint cf alcohol. The color < . this should, when bottled, be of a bright yellow e-ilher from the gamboge, or from English saffron.

Effervescing Grape Juice.—Infuse five pounds of mashed raisins, three ounces of green tea, in five gal Ions cf boiling water, till cold ; then dissolve six pounds of refined sugar in the liquor, and one and a half pounds of logwood chips, four ounces of cream of tartar, and one pint of yeast ; ferment for four days in a warm place, ar>d strain through flannel ; then add nitric ether, three ounces, in which ten drojis of oil of wintergreen has been dissolved (the ether dissolves the oil immediately), and five pints of proof spirit (whiskey), in which four ounces of bruised nutmegs have been infused for four days ; the nutmegs should be separated from the spirit by straining» This should be bottled as soon as the ether has been added to it, to prevent the too rapid evaporation of the ether ; this is improved by age.

Effervescing Spirit of Aroma tics, for Bottling.— Infuse three ounces of bruised ginger, one ounce of bruised cloves, in five gallons of boiling water, till cold, and strain ; dissolve in the liquor four pounds of sugar, half a pint of yeast, keep in a warm place for five days, and add oil of sassafras, twenty drops ■

oil of lemon, fifty drops; oil of bergamot, twche drops; these oils should be well rubbed up in dry sugar before adding. This can be colored to suit fancy.

• Effervescing Spirit of Roses, for Bottling.—Boil for twenty minutes two drachms of cochincal,-two ounces of hops, and two pounds of mashed raisins, in four gallons of clear rain water; when nearly cold stir in four pints of honey, half a pint of yeast, and set the vessel in a warm position, and ferment for five or six days, and then strain through flannel; at the moment of bottling, add to each bottle one table-spoonful of white sugar, and the same of essence of rose, or rub up well in the sugar five drops oil of lemon, and half a grain of ambergris for each bottle. When this spirit is prepared on a largo seale, the sugar should be quite dry, and should be worked with the oil of lemon and ambergris, in a mortar.

Ginger Beer.—Ginger sliced, one ounce; dried orange peel, half an ounce ; tie these in a bag, and boil in two gallons of water, and strain ; add three fourths of an ounce of tartaric acid, twenty-five drops of essence of lemon, and „two pounds of refined sugar ; when near cool add a tea-cupful of yeast; let it work for twelve hours, and bottle.

2. Ginger sliced, one ounce ; essence of lemon (rubbed with sugar), thirty drops ; sugar, one pound ; boiling water, one gallon; infuse till cold, and strain ; then three table-spoonfuls of yeast; ferment four or five days, and then bottle.

3. Boil two and a half ounces of bruised ginger, and three pounds of sugar, in three and a half gallons of water for twenty minutes; put into a large pan, one ounce of cream of tartar, and the juice and rind of two lemons ; pour the boiling liquor over them, and stir the whole well together ; when milk-warm add a tea-cupful of yeast ; cover it, and let it work for three dayspskimming off the froth as it may rise, then strain through flannel into a cask, add half a pint of whiskey, bung down close, and in three weeks Lottie.

4. Prepare a decoction or infusion of ginger with sugar and lemon, as above, but instead of fermenting with yeast, charge it with carbonic acid gas.

5. Imperial Pop.—Cream of tartar, three ounces ; ginger, one ounce , white sugar, two pounds ; ,emon juice, one ounce ; boiling water, one gallon and a half. When near cool, add half a tea-cupful of yeast, ana bottle.

Giramhing or Limemiated Ginger Beer.—Boil five Dunces of ginger with three gallons of water, beat

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