Old Bcurpon For Bottltxg

Clean spirit, five gallons , honey, one gallon, dissolved in half gallon water ; expressed juice of dried ^caches, two quarts; sulphuric acid, one ounce; spirit of nutmegs, half pint; acctic ether, two ounces; oil of wintergreen, four drops, well rubbed up in sugar, and added. This is colored with half a pint of the tincture of cochineal, and the same of burnt sugar. If the sulphuric acid should be objectionable, a quart of common vinegar can be added The object of the acid in liquors, has been fully ex plained under the head cf Acids in Liquors.

When it is desired, these liquors can be manufactured at a low figure by the filtering process, and the free use of pellitory, tea, and grains of paradise. These inferior liquors should be well colored, and in neat packages and neatly marked. For directions on barrelling liquors, look nnder the head of Barrelling Liquors, &c., &c.

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