Alkaline dpeptidase

D-Aminopeptidase (EC from Ochrobactrum an-thropi was discovered, and its primary structure has been found to have similarity to the / -lactamases and penicillin-binding proteins (21,28). The enzyme acts mostly on pep-tides with D-Ala at the N-terminus to yield D-amino acids; it does not act on D-amino acid derivatives with bulkier substituents. We proposed that D-aminopeptidase is a new penicillin-recognizing enzyme (11) based on its primary structure, inhibition by / -lactam compounds, and the ability to catalyze peptide bond formation in organic solvents, although the enzyme does not show / -lactamase activity (21,47).

Here, we describe the screening of soil microorganisms for D-stereospecific endopeptidases using a synthetic pep-tide (D-Phe)4, characterization of the new enzyme alkaline D-peptidase (ADP), as well as cloning and sequencing of the adp gene from B. cereus strain DF4-B.

Isolation and Properties of the Alkaline d-Peptidase

An enrichment culture in LB medium containing a synthetic substrate (D-Phe)4 led to the isolation of a bacterial strain Bacillus cereus DF4-B. The extracellular enzyme hydrolyzing (D-Phe)4 was purified and characterized (48). The Mr of the subunit calculated was about 36,000 by gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), 37,000 by HPLC, and 37,952 by mass spectrophotometry. The absorption of the purified enzyme in 0.01 M potassium phosphate buffer, pH 7.0, was maximal at 281 nm. The enzyme is an endopeptidase that acts D-stereospecifically on peptides composed of aromatic D-amino acids, recognizing the D-configuration of the amino acid whose carboxy-terminal peptide bond is hydro-lyzed. The enzyme had an optimum pH at around 10.3. Thus, the enzyme was named alkaline D-peptidase (D-stereospecific peptide hydrolase [EC 3.4.11.-]). The substrate specificity of the enzyme was examined as shown in Table 3. Each substrate (2 mM) was incubated under standard enzyme assay conditions (48). The enzyme was active

0'00 60 120 180 240 300 Time (min)

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